Spiritual Direction and Coaching

In spiritual direction, I hold your story. Trained in the art of holy listening, a spiritual director (coach) helps you to see and respond to the presence of the sacred moving in your life.

Spiritual Direction

  • brings you healing, awe, joy, liberation, peace
  • requires an hour a month to meet in person (or virtually)
  • invites you into a deeper knowing of the divine

Wherever you are on your spiritual path—curious, confused, elated, troubled, empty—spiritual direction has a way of bringing you home, back to your deepest longings and to the heart of God.

For an exploratory conversation, please get in touch with me.

Selected GodisBig Reflections

Unstoppable: A Reflection on Prayer

I have a thing for red flowers. Not roses, necessarily, but more everyday kinds of flowers: red geraniums, red tulips, red salvia. This summer I potted a red begonia on my front porch. Nestled in between the door and my favorite porch chair, I couldn’t help but see it every day. It bloomed all summer long. It’s still blooming now, and it’s November. I have no idea why. I call it my God plant.

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Enough: How God sees us

Where do we go from here? That is the question on my heart as we turn the corner on the pandemic. We have survived something of significance together. It’s going to take some time to figure out what we carry with us and what we leave behind. In this in-between space, I offer you this story from years ago as a gentle reminder that the essence of who we are (even after 15 months of isolation, hand sanitizer, and loss) is still with us.

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