Karen Skalitzky is a speaker, writer, and spiritual director. A former educator, she has over twenty years of experience transforming underperforming schools into the kind of schools all children deserve. She believes we can find the sacred in everything and everyone, in any moment and any place. Her first book, A Recipe for Hope: Stories of Transformation by People Experiencing Homelessness, was featured on WGN-TV. Her essays have appeared in U.S.Catholic, Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers, and Northwestern Magazine. A graduate of Northwestern University, Karen lives in Chicago with her son. Her monthly column, GodisBig Reflections, is read across the country. Read more

“You are an excellent presenter: lively, engaging, gentle and authentic.”

Chicago Area Spiritual Directors


Stories are my currency. My flow. My way of bringing the sacred into the light. As a speaker, nothing is more energizing (and awe-inspiring) than talking about how we can find the sacred in our everyday lives. I customize each program to meet the needs of the audience. My most popular topics include:

  • God Is Big: How to See the Sacred in All Things
  • God Is Big: The Theology of Rest and Self-Care
  • Hide and Seek: The Art of Knowing God
  • God Is Big: The Art of Letting Go
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GodisBig Reflections

“You make me laugh out loud, then cry. Your words open my heart.”

“In a desperate bid to catch up on the emails that have been whipping past me all day, I came upon yours—and felt a moment of peace.”

The Bigness of God: Seeing through the eyes of a child

I offer this month’s reflection in honor of Fr. Charles F. Meisel who died recently. I remember him most fondly as “the voice of God” in what has become one of my most beloved stories to tell. Enjoy.
I grew up in the Catholic Church, but not in the ways you’d imagine. It’s true I wore my special Sunday dress to Mass, the one with the flowers and the ribbon tied in the back. I sat in the pew next to my parents.

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Plan Be: How to draw closer to the divine

This afternoon I sit on a swing, listening to the cicadas sing. Sunlight streams through the treetops. My son is whizzing past me, his legs pumping hard. Orange shorts and bright purple tank top fly back and forth. His running shoes brush the sky. The reverberation from his velocity catches my breath. I cannot help but watch in wonder and awe. 

A sense of peace washes over me. I am enough. My son is enough. Right here, right now, in the middle of a seemingly endless global pandemic, this moment is enough. This is what I am now calling my new Plan Be.

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Birthing Hope: A reflection on the faithfulness of God

It’s funny how a summer can change you. In June, I remember thinking that we had turned the corner on the pandemic. Here it is mid-August and I am wondering if the pandemic will ever end. This time last year felt just as daunting, and the tiniest of red geraniums stirred new hope in me. I offer this story again, praying that grace finds you wherever you are and carries you forward.

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