Author and Speaker Karen Skalitzky speaking to a group.

Clear, simple, profound, funny, memorable!

I enjoyed your energy and the things you said. Very thought-provoking and inspiring.

You are a skilled presenter. Very real and engaging.

Your gift of story-telling is magical.

I loved your pace: how you blended your presentation with interaction, prayer with stories, and visuals with quiet reflection.

You tapped into the wisdom in the room. Today was an invitation into new depths.

Stories are my currency. My flow. My way of bringing the sacred into the light. In my workshops and speaking engagements, I marry stories with theology, laughter with insight, group discussion with quiet prayer. I customize each program to meet the needs and interests of the audience. My most popular talks include:

God Is Big: How to See the Sacred in All Things

What if every person and every circumstance have the capacity to reveal something of the divine? To draw us closer to the divine. To help us make a return of love more readily. This is the way of Ignatian spirituality—that God is indwelling. In the young and old, the housed and the unhoused, the lonely and the loved. Join us as we explore how to discern the movement of the divine in our everyday life.

God Is Big: The Theology of Rest and Self-Care

Slow down. Be still. Find your joy. So many of us nurture and support others to find their way back to themselves, to their deepest longings and the heart of God. Yet, it can be hard to extend the same grace and care to ourselves. Let’s spend time together diving into the theology of rest, the spiritual practice of saying no, and the wisdom in scheduling joy.

Hide and Seek: The Art of Knowing God

Sometimes it seems as if God likes to play hide-and-seek. Our sense of who God is and how God works can suddenly go missing in the trees behind our home, and we’re left with a flashlight in our hands and no one to tag. How do we hold that mystery and embrace a new understanding of the divine? Together we’ll reflect on how our faith changes over time and how that deepens and enriches our lives.

God Is Big: The Art of Letting Go

Letting go is never easy. You can get stuck in it for a very long time. As spiritual directors, deacons, and chaplains, we hold that process gently and prayerfully for the people with whom we minister, watching and waiting for it to slowly bear fruit. How we tend to that mystery in others and in ourselves is the focus of our time together. We’ll explore the theology of letting go and the freedom it offers us in return.

I'm happy to customize workshops to meet your needs.

Author and Speaker Karen Skalitzky speaking to a group.

A few audiences that I have had the privilege of engaging:

  • Chicago Area Spiritual Directors (CASD)
  • Portiuncula Center for Prayer
  • Mercy Boys & Girls Home
  • Franciscan Spirituality Center
  • Old Saint Patrick’s Church
  • Chicago Theology on Tap
  • Prairiewoods Franciscan Spirituality Center